2 Feb 2019

Jayam Networks delighted to announce that cloud security solution Jayam DNS willbe avilable on private beta from 11 Feb 2019.

Jayam networks is launching project ready programs which are meant for entry level professionals and students.

Jayam networks is planning to conduct DevSecOps awareness sessions

Unique Challenges for Security Teams in Multi cloud

2 Feb 2019

The traditional data center had a clear, 'four walls and a pipe' network perimeter. Firewalls serve as bulkheads between frontend, user-facing applications and backend databases. Anyone inside the network is assumed to be authorized to access the infrastructure. IP addresses are generally static, which allows security professionals to provide additional constraints on application interactions based on IP addresses.

For organizations embracing cloud, the scenario for security has changed quite a bit. Cloud doesn't have a distinct perimeter. With multi-cloud, the surface area security teams are concerned with protecting expands exponentially.

The core challenges then for security teams are to rethink the core assumptions around the network perimeter while enabling development and infrastructure teams to adopt cloud for their new application workloads. We must consider the reality of low-trust networks and focus on protecting the content of the applications themselves.

  • Identity as the basis for access management

  • Managing secrets

  • Encryption

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